Ensemble la Sportelle

vocal ensemble

Laetitia Corcelle direction

In a few words…
An instrument with a human dimension, light to “transport”: 4 to 8 singers and as many instrumentalists, depending on the repertoire.
An inspiring and buoyant setting: Rocamadour
A gigantic territory to explore: the sacred repertoire, spanning 10 centuries of musical history, made up of immense well-known works, as well as countless nuggets yet to be discovered.
A team of chameleon-like artists, adapting to the wide variety of eras in the sacred repertoire: both soloists and choristers or orchestral musicians, they bring together the listening and expressive qualities of chamber musicians.
A renewed concert experience: sound immersion, spatialization, scenography and lighting are all integral components of the ensemble’s work.
A search for sensitivity and beauty to create emotion and encounter with all audiences.

Why this name?
It’s the name of the medal from Rocamadour, a place of pilgrimage thousands of years old: since the Middle Ages, pilgrims have been taking this almond-shaped medal home with them after visiting the holy city. Thanks to them, it travels to the four corners of the world, bringing with it the influence of Rocamadour. The musical Sportelle has the same vocation!