A new challenge

The latest Rocamadour Musique Sacrée initiative is a new record label to promote artists and projects through physical and digital distribution beyond the Festival and even beyond our national borders. The label is already recording several albums a year. One contains performances by Ensemble la Sportelle (the Rocamadour Musique Sacrée vocal group), another is in partnership with organ students at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM) and further projects vary depending on proposals made.

Artistic continuity

Created in 2020, the label complements the activities of the Festival and Ensemble la Sportelle, showcasing the quality and originality of programmes focusing on sacred music. Having launched with an Emmeran Rollin organ recital, Vibrance, it has also produced the Ensemble la Sportelle project Ave Maria, oui… mais lequel ?, an album that completes an artistic journey. So too does Stella Maris based on works by Hildegard von Bingen, a project by mezzo-soprano Anne Bertin-Hugault that came to fruition thanks to multiple years of support.

Spreading the Rocamadour magic

These recordings also extend the Rocamadour experience. Not only do they feature Festival musicians, but also the outstanding acoustics at different locations that serve as the label’s sonic hallmark, plus the unique timbre of the Daldosso organ at Saint-Sauveur Basilica. What’s more, videos are released to accompany each new album. These combine the musical experience with the dizzying beauty of the setting as a testimony to Rocamadour’s magical atmosphere.

#6 October 2023
Reflets sur l’air
Nicola Procaccini
#05 August 2023
Ensemble la Sportelle
#04 April 2023
Aux origines de l’orgue français
Quentin Du Verdier
#03 August 2022
Stella Maris / Hildegard von Bingen
Ensemble Oriscus
#02 June 2022
Ave Maria, oui mais… lequel ?
Ensemble la Sportelle
#01 November 2020
Emmeran Rollin