#7 Contes Mystiques

Paul Beynet, Pianist
Enguerrand de Hys, Tenor

Enguerrad de Hys tenor
Paul Beynet piano

Recorded at Théâtre Impérial – Opéra de Compiègne in June 2023

This program of French melodies revolves around the little-known Contes mystiques cycle. Usually, a cycle of melodies or lieder brings together 2 authors: the poet and the composer. Contes mystiques is a collaboration between a poet, Stephan Bordèse (1847-1919), and no fewer than 12 composers. This is a fascinating testimony to teamwork. Augusta Holmès, Edmond Diet, Théodore Dubois, Gabriel Fauré, Charles Lecocq, Charles Lenepveu, Charles-Henri Maréchal, Jules Massenet, Emile Paladilhe, Camille Saint-Saëns, Pauline Viardot and Charles-Marie Widor, all well known and recognized: composers, pedagogues, directors of conservatories or lyric institutions, Parisian titular organists, conductors, singers…

While Gabriel Fauré’s En Prière has become a “hit”, the other melodies, all equally touching, speak of Christ’s childhood and seem inspired by scenes from the apocryphal gospels. This cycle will be accompanied by melodies based on prayers or religious texts by the same composers or by some of their contemporaries.

Press review

The interpretation of this remarkable programme is of the highest quality, underlining the attentive, restrained musicality of the two performers, who never lapse into overly religious, or even Saint-Sulpician, demonstration. No, the tone is always perfectly right and natural: it speaks to the heart and the mind“. José Pons, Olyrix – 9 March 2024

The voice is pleasantly timbred, the diction excellent, and the tenor performs with sincerity in these pages, which require enough musicality to make us forget a text that is sometimes a little simple. Paul Beynet’s piano is unfailingly supportive, making a major contribution to the success of an engaging and original albumPierre Degott, ResMusica – 5 April 2024

From the very first notes of this original CD, Enguerrand de Hys’s impeccable diction stands out. […] Enguerrand de Hys and Paul Beynet use perfect tempos and nuances, bringing out the faith and mysticism of the composers and poets with a certain elegance“. Hélène Biard, – 8 March 2024


1. Mel Bonis Allons prier
2. Jules Massenet Souvenez-vous, Vierge Marie !
3. Guy Ropartz Vierge Sainte

4. Augusta Holmès Ce que l’on entendit dans la nuit de Noël – Prélude
5. Edmond Diet Les premiers pas de Jésus
6. Théodore Dubois Pourquoi les oiseaux chantent
7. Gabriel Fauré En Prière
8. Charles Lecocq Berceuse des Anges
9. Charles Lenepveu Les Fils de la Vierge
10. Henri Maréchal La Rosée
11. Jules Massenet La Neige
12. Emile Paladilhe Premier Miracle de Jésus
13. Camille Saint-Saëns Présage de la Croix
14. Pauline Viardot Le Rêve de Jésus
15. Charles-Marie Widor Non Credo

16. Pauline Viardot Divin sommeil !
17. Maria Malibran Prière à la Madonne
18. Reynaldo Hahn Cantique (sur le bonheur des justes et le malheur des réprouvés)
19. Francis Poulenc Priez pour paix